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The Creative Sound Music Studio is a spot in Belgrade where your ideas can be turned into reality thanks to it's top-quality equipment, pleasant atmosphere and the professional advice of Jovan Stojiljkovic, an experienced composer. The studio is located in the the city quarter named "Zvezdara" which ranks among the more peaceful and quiet areas. Furthermore, the studio is readily available to render professional services at any time of the day as may be required.

Jovan Stojiljkovic, a Belgrader born in the late fifties grew up to the sound of progressive music. Way back in his young years he wrote music that was met with support and acknowledgements.
His compositions such as "SANJA - Dunavom brodovi plove" , "Ispij tu casu" , "Necemo na kolena" and others are still favoured although they were written twenty years ago.
Gold records, children programs, incidental music for stage plays, music background for commercials that are broadcasted on the most popular local TV stations RTS and PINK are only a part of Jovan Stojiljkovic`s professional achievements.

Our services include:

  • Authored music (specialy composed for specific purpose, recorded and mastered) for movies, cartoons, theater plays, interactive games, commercials etc.
  • Voices, recording and synchronization for movies and cartoons
  • Profesional actors and speakers
  • You can choose from several actors or speakers
  • Inventing the whole commercial and slogan that suits your needs
  • Rehearsals and rehearsal recording in specially equipped space with new instruments.

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Creative Sound Music Studio